Balta Corata 1

Balta Corata 1


CORATA 1 FISHING RESORT is offering recreational fishing, accommodation and leisure near Bucharest.

The Corata 1 Fishing Resort is a place of leisure and relaxation for all nature lovers and recreational fishing enthusiasts. Located near Bucharest, less than an hour away from the city, with access from the A2 highway, visitors to the Corata 1 Fishing Resort can relax all year round fishing, on carpeted and equipped pontoons, go boating, for leisure or fishing, or they can relax with family and friends at the restaurant dedicated exclusively to visitors to the complex. With a high density of fish and with specimens of impressive sizes of carp, tench, crucian carp, bream, phytophagus or bream, Balta Corata 1 is an exclusive place, dedicated both to fishermen who practice Cath & Release Fishing , but who can also buy fish , either to eat at the restaurant in the resort or to take away. The Corata 1 Fishing resort is open all year round and offers all the comfort of a boarding house: 8 accommodation units that can accommodate a total of approximately 22 people, modernly furnished and fully equipped rooms, 2 modern bathrooms, salt water heated tub, restaurant with seating party and leisure activities: billiards and various socializing games. The resort can be rented both fully and exclusively by those who want to rent the entire location just for themselves and their group for organizing private events or team building, as well as individually, one unit at a time for those looking for peace and relaxation when coming over for fishing . The resort is electrically heated and offers unlimited WIFI for all visitors.

The Corata 1 Fishing Resort is open all year round. Visit our News page and stay up to date with the latest fishing and accommodation offers near Bucharest. Details
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Accommodation in the Corata 1 Fishing Resort

The resort offers 8 accommodation rooms with direct access to the lake shore, with equipped pontoons and dedicated fishing spots.

Full resort rental for private events, contests, camps, team building

The Corata 1 Fishing resort is the ideal place for organizing team buildings, private events or corporate events, offering guests who rent the entire location, exclusivity and privacy to spend with colleagues or friends, as they wish.

Recreational Fishing

Fishing on Corata 1 Lake is a wonderful adventure and experience. Being the location with one of the highest densities of fish in the country, Corata 1 Lake offers satisfaction to both amateur fishermen and those looking to add new catches of impressive sizes to their records. Fishing equipment can be rented from the location.

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How do you get to Corata 1 Fishing Resort?

First of all, you should know that you can find us on Waze or Google Maps if you set the destination "Balta Corata 1". As for the location, we are in Satucu village, Sarulesti commune, Calarasi county, approximately 45 km away from Bucharest. As an access route, if you are coming from Bucharest, take the A2 highway (Autostrada Soarelui) towards Constanta city until the Fundulea exit (km 35), leave the highway at the Fundulea exit and go on the newly asphalted road towards Nana approx. 8 km. In the first village you meet, Solacolu, at the first intersection you meet (there is a shop and a trio) turn left, keep left and keep going forward, on a cobbled road approx. 2 km until you find the signs showing the way to Balta Corata 1. Once you meet the signs with Balta Corata 1, about the last 2 kilometers of the road, to the destination, it is best to follow the road indicated by us. The indicators will show you the best road, paved by us, while WAZE, in the last kilometer, will show you a road several hundred meters shorter, but much rougher, a dirt road with many potholes. So follow the signs for Balta Corata 1 from the moment you meet them on your way (in the last 2 km). The road is accompanied by a beautiful landscape, birds of all kinds, deer, rabbits, deer, quail, crops of wheat, corn, sunflowers. The road is practicable in any weather, the route you have to travel to Balta Corata 1 is composed of asphalted road for the most part and a piece of paved road (approx. 2 km), accessible in any weather. The road around the pond is also paved. We are waiting for you and if you get confused on the route, you can always contact us at 0728 061 799 or 0723 659 709 (call or wahtsapp) and we will guide you. See you soon !


What do we offer you?

100% organic fish

Fish raised in our farm and fed 100% with organic cereals.

Fishing cabins

Fishing cabins for nature lovers in their purest form.

Accommodation in special conditions

Accommodation in modern and comfortable rooms on the shore of the lake, with equipped pontoons and dedicated fishing spots.

Restaurant and terrace on the shore of the lake

Fresh food, cooked in a kettle or rotisserie in front of customers.

Quiet & Relaxation

Special conditions for an outing in nature and for a game of fishing.

Team Building and outdoor events

Organization of various private events, corporate events and team building.

Safety in special conditions

Modern toilets, free WIFI, video surveillance, security.

Leisure activities

Bike rides around the lake and its surroundings.


What do customers say about us

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